To register a death

  • The informant must produce the Certificate of Cause of Death and other supporting documents (e.g. the deceased’s NRIC, passport or citizenship certificate)
  • After documents produced are verified, the Registration Officer will print the Death Certificate
  • The informant must verify the particulars on the Death Certificate and sign the Death Certificate
  • The Death Certificate is issued.

Arranging a Funeral

Select a funeral director wisely before engaging their services.. A reputable company would have a proper catalogue to show and prices will not fluctuate from client to client.

Discuss among family members about the budget for the funeral expenses and do inform the funeral director of any budget constraints when he arrives. It is understood that sometimes funds are not readily available.. Arrangements can be made accordingly.

Decide the location and the day of the funeral e.g. at the funeral parlour, void deck or house.

If you are holding the wake at the void deck, you will need to get a permit from your Town Council.

One point of contact with the funeral director is important and that person will do all communications with the funeral director. This is vital to prevent any confusion or miscommunication.