When a death occurs

Death comes to us all. Yet many find death difficult to accept when it strikes a loved one. Emotions such as grief, anger or confusion may set in. But there are many arrangements that must be made while we cope with these emotions. It is our hope that we can make things a little easier for the bereaved with information on death-related matters such as arranging a funeral, death registration, etc via this post.

Death Registration
The law requires all deaths (regardless of citizenship) occurring in Singapore to be registered within 24 hours of occurrence.

Documents Required

  • Certificate of Cause of Death issued by doctors at hospitals or on-call doctors to your home ($250-$400 fee payable to the on-call doctor) or Authorised Officers (i.e. Forensic Death Investigators) from the Ministry of Health
  • Deceased’s identification documents (e.g. IC & Passport) for cancellation
  • Informant’s identification documents (e.g. IC or Passport)

Processing Time

  • 45 minutes at Neighbourhood Police Centres/Posts.
  • 30 minutes at Citizen Services Centre, ICA Building.